Work in Progress to Reward Content Creators for Producing Content on our Platform

2 min readMay 8, 2023


UpOnly continues to push toward the launch of new blog service

UpOnly is building a one-stop shop for the entire Web3 community. We’re achieving this by offering fantastic ways for users to invest and launching a wave of crypto-earning services within our ecosystem.

This week, the team accelerates the development of our upcoming blog service. The new service enables individuals to express themselves and monetize their writing within our Web3 ecosystem.

With this approach, every user can become a freelance writer. Users can earn our native token, $UPO, by selling blog content or receiving donations from our community. Through this service, we are revolutionizing content creation.

A user-friendly interface is essential to attract users who want to earn crypto rewards for their writing. We’re designing our editing tools with simplicity and ease of use so that users can focus on writing and earning without technical difficulties.

Writers can expect features that allow them to format their content, add images, and customize their blogs. This includes a simple, intuitive editor interface with drag-and-drop capabilities and a user-friendly dashboard that allows earnings tracking and content management windows.

We are also researching and developing a reward system that incentivizes users to write quality content. We are considering post length, writing quality, the number of views, and the number of likes and comments to calculate earnings for writers. Additionally, our team is considering features, like badges or levels, to motivate users to continue writing and earning rewards.

The Write-to-Earn blog service is the latest addition to our platform’s list of innovative earning services. We’ve recently added the marketplace service, the launchpad, and multichain expansions to give more to our community.

We are excited to broaden our value-adding services to include content creators. UpOnly is constantly working on new and revolutionary ways for users to earn on our platform, so stay tuned for more weekly updates.

UPO Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Implement voting system v2.

- Support workflow listing for projects from CoinMarketCap.

- Support workflow for marketplace project.

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.


- Implement notification feature.

- Implement multichain switching.

- Refactor form for claiming projects.

- Implement a user-friendly interface for blog service.


- Support multichain switching.

- Refactor API requirements for project data from Google.

- Support notification feature.

- Research and implement a blog service reward system.

Smart Contract

- Upgrade voting system v2.


- Re-test claim as the project owner.

- Create manual test for listing projects from CoinMarketCap.

- Create automated test for investor tracking service.




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