Web3 Loot Boxes Supercharge Investor Rewards

2 min readAug 3, 2023

UpOnly team collaborates to boost the speed-to-market of Web3 loot boxes

UpOnly is an all-in-one hub catering to gamers, investors, and developers within the thriving Web3 gaming market. Users access 360-degree insights on the latest games, trending cryptocurrencies, and market statistics.

This week, we took a proactive approach to encourage engagement. UpOnly Loot Box Service allows users to hit the jackpot and acquire rare and valuable digital assets. Our entire team is chipping in to speed up the launch of our brand-new service.

Our frontend team is bringing the concept to life by crafting inviting and engaging digital aesthetics. The backend team is meticulously implementing the open API, enabling smooth communication and data exchange between UpOnly and external gaming applications.

Our systems analysts are crafting documents for the open API. These documents are guidelines for developers and partners, enabling seamless integration of games and applications. Additionally, the system analysis team will provide ongoing support, ensuring smooth functioning and addressing any technical challenges that could arise. Measures like this will attract the best of the best from Web3 to feature assets in our loot boxes.

In other news, UpOnly’s frontend team has successfully implemented the marketplace service, where users trade and invest in digital assets related to the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The QA team thoroughly tested the marketplace service to identify and fix any bugs or issues.

As we progress in the thriving blockchain world, each UpOnly team member remains committed to transparency, innovation, and fostering inclusion. Loot boxes marks yet another step toward our crystal clear Web3 vision. We are revolutionizing games and finance in a secure, satisfying, and rewarding manner.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Support the open API for the loot box service.

- Implement documents for the open API for the loot box service.


- Implement loot box service.

- Implement marketplace service.


- Implement the open API for the loot box service.

Smart Contract

- Deploy the open API contract for the loot box service.


- Manual test marketplace




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