Web3 Gaming Analytics Directory to Expand Userbase with New Services

2 min readAug 21, 2023


UpOnly to unlock $UPO for new audiences with marketplace and loot boxes

UpOnly is a premier directory for players and investors to gain 360-degree insights into the emerging Web3 gaming sector. We further augment our offerings by providing a prediction platform where spectators can profit from the outcome of blockchain gaming events.

However, the best is yet to come. Two new services that will make UpOnly an increasingly popular choice for Web3 gamers will be released soon. As our developers wrap up development and testing for the UpOnly Marketplace and loot boxes, it is worth reflecting on the massive value that they would bring to $UPO and the UpOnly ecosystem.

The Web3 gaming world is vastly fragmented, with hundreds of games and potentially millions of in-game assets trading within closed ecosystems. The upcoming UpOnly Marketplace will democratize access to Web3 gaming assets by providing a one-stop shop for users to buy and sell items they obtain from gameplay.

Our native $UPO token will be at the heart of the exchange service as a platform currency and a means for users to obtain exclusive items to enhance their gaming experience. The UpOnly marketplace will list assets from the most popular games, potentially attracting thousands of Web3 gaming enthusiasts to our directory and the $UPO token.

Meanwhile, our loot box service integration completes the puzzle that transforms UpOnly into the go-to place for blockchain-based games. Users will lock $UPO to get access to rare and valuable digital assets offered by a select list of UpOnly partners. Get ready to unlock rewards that make transform your Web3 gaming efforts.

We prioritize developing services that bring additional utility to $UPO and greater value to the Web3 gaming industry. Success in our mission is inevitable. And a warm welcome awaits new users to our platform as we edge closer to releasing our widely-anticipated services.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Support the open API for the loot box service.

- Implement documents for the open API for the loot box service.


- Implement widget.

- Implement loot box.

- Implement marketplace service.


- Implement the open API for the loot box service.

Smart Contract

- Deploy the open API contract for the loot box service.


- Manual test marketplace.




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