UpOnly’s ICO Service Primed for Release

2 min readApr 9, 2023

A platform for project owners, lucrative passive income for investors, and new opportunities for gamers

UpOnly is building a one-stop shop for the play-to-earn and Metaverse markets. To do this, our team designs decentralized services that benefit project owners, investors, and gamers. This week we put the finishing touches on one of these services.

Our ICO service is in the final phases of quality assurance testing, primed for release. We’re checking code and security contracts to ensure everything runs smoothly, securely, and user-friendly. Here is how our new service will benefit every member of the growing UpOnly community.

ICOs are a form of crowdfunding that allows investors to purchase tokens or coins in a new project in exchange for the native cryptocurrency of that project. This cryptocurrency is used within the project’s ecosystem to access products or services, vote on crucial decisions, or trade with other participants.

For project developers, ICOs raise capital without going through traditional funding channels, like venture capital or angel investors. The funding can be especially beneficial for early-stage projects. Whether it be a Metaverse, a game, a protocol, or a meme coin, UpOnly provides a platform for developers to reach a six-figure community full of Web3 enthusiasts.

For investors, ICOs provide a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of lucrative Web3 projects. By investing in tokens or coins during an ICO and availing of early bird discounts and bonuses, investors can benefit from the project’s success as it grows in popularity and value.

Finally, ICOs offer players a new way to participate in their favorite games and contribute to developing new ones. Many Web3 games rely on tokens or coins as a means of exchange, making ICOs an essential part of the gaming ecosystem. By participating in an ICO, gamers can get early access to in-game assets or exclusive perks and have a say in how game features are structured.

Our ICO Service has been in the pipeline for months now and we are thrilled that its release is coming this week. UpOnly has ensured that all code works effectively, all smart contracts are secure, and all projects are well vetted. We are ready to release a premium decentralized service that benefits all members of the Web3 community.

UPO Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Release ICO service.

- Recheck workflow listing for projects from CMC.

- Re-design workflow for Marketplace service.


- Release ICO service.

- Implement listing projects from CMC.

- Implement Marketplace service.


- Refactor API to get project data from CMC.

- Support Marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Improve deployment contract.

- Improve unit test method.


- Re-test ICO service.

- Create manual test for listing projects from CMC.

- Create automated test for Investor tracking service.




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