UpOnly’s Expanding Ecosystem Holds Enormous Value for Investors

Industry-first blockchain gaming and Metaverse directory remains a top pick for investors

UpOnly is the first dedicated analytics and predictions platform for the play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming space. The $UPO token is a crucial component of the UpOnly infrastructure, serving as the only way for users and listed projects to unlock the several utilities being built for our ecosystem. UpOnly’s unique value proposition and market fit make it a top pick for investors.

In the past month, UpOnly has already rolled out several foundational features that support the long-term objective of becoming the most widely used resource for play-to-earn gamers and investors. UpOnly has launched a user-friendly play-to-earn and Metaverse data directory on mainnet and completed a preliminary release of its flagship predictions platform.

UpOnly begins the new quarter with an exciting roadmap that will see more project listings, new product releases, and further platform improvements that all accrue value to $UPO investors. Among others, upcoming project listings on the UpOnly platform will accelerate demand for $UPO tokens. Projects must acquire and hold $UPO to secure a listing on the platform and unlock advanced data features rolling out on UpOnly soon.

The play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse industries are growing at a rapid pace, with hundreds of projects launching daily and new communities emerging. A partnership with UpOnly provides projects with direct exposure to a broad audience of prospective gamers and investors. UpOnly also benefits by acquiring hundreds of thousands of new users.

Meanwhile, UpOnly has lined up the release of a voting system and tournament service for listed projects. UpOnly will also roll out a prediction system for its tournament service, multi-chain staking, and integration with Chainlink oracles — all features that will boost the adoption of UpOnly and $UPO tokens.

UpOnly ($UPO) remains in its early growth phase — a good pick for investors who recognize the opportunity amid bear market conditions. The UpOnly team has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to delivering on timelines and looks forward to ushering in new users and investors to the blockchain and Metaverse gaming industry.



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