UpOnly Works Towards ICO Service Launch

Staking and new marketplace among updates this week

UpOnly is the leading data directory and predictions ecosystem for the play-to-earn and Metaverse market. However, all good platforms strive for expansion and don’t rest on their laurels. This is why we’re working on a number of new and exciting services that our community can enjoy, enhancing the value of our platform and the $UPO token.

One is the highly anticipated debut of our ICO service/launchpad. The service will allow developers with great ideas to turn their concepts into reality by crowdfunding on our platform. Additionally, our community will gain access to tokens from promising projects at discounted prices, allowing hawk-eyed investors to spot bargains and make huge ROIs.

In other news, another round of staking is coming soon. Staking rewards holders for patience, facilitating big returns on tokens for locking them in for an extended period. We will be working this week to ensure the staking process is as smooth and secure as possible for $UPO holders as possible.

Additionally, the team will work on introducing loot crates to our platform. Players will soon be able to spend $UPO to unlock great prizes and rewards. The crates will be available on our upcoming marketplace, which will facilitate community trading through the $UPO token.

It’s an exciting time for us. We have a lot of novel features in the pipeline and we look forward to unveiling them to our community in the near future. We will continue to work hard to improve existing features and introduce new and exciting innovations to our platform.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives


- Implement ICO service.

- Implement UI for Gacha service.

- Implement UI for staking service.


- Support API for Gacha service.

- Support API for Staking service.

- Implement marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Refactor marketplace service contract.



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