UpOnly Working on a Range of New Services

2 min readNov 2, 2022

A host of novel ways for users to earn are in the pipeline

Since its inception, UpOnly was an industry-leading data analytics and predictions platform servicing the entire play-to-earn and Metaverse market. However, our goal is to build a one-stop shop for blockchain gamers everywhere. We have identified the services that will give our community the most benefit and are working to make them a reality.

The first is our staking service. Not only can users leverage $UPO to stake for great yields on our website, but they will also soon be able to select a variety of different tokens to stake from a range of projects that are listed on our site. That way, investors can use data from our directory to make informed financial decisions and act on them all on the same website.

This will come complimentary to our ICO service. Projects that list with us will have the option to offer our community a chance to buy coins early at a discount. The model assists platforms in raising funds and offers investors bargains on promising Web3 projects.

Additionally, UpOnly has a blog service on the horizon that will allow our community to write content for us and potentially our listed projects. Users can collaborate or work alone to earn $UPO and other rewards based on the quantity of content and community engagement. For all upcoming features, our team is working hard on the frontend, the backend, and the implementation of smart contracts to ensure all transactions are secure.

When it comes to our upcoming innovations, this is only the tip of the iceberg. As an all-encompassing Web3 hub, our platform will research and explore every earning model that blockchain has presented and select the best of the best to maximize user satisfaction. Stay up to date and watch all our new services drop in the coming months.

UpOnly Sprint objectives


- Implement tournament and betting service.

- Implement staking service.

- Implement blog service.

- Implement admin site for SEO.

- Support SEO and marketing team.

- Implement ICO service.

- Implement UI for Gacha service.


- Support tournament and betting services.

- Implement staking service.

- Support blog service.

- Implement admin site for SEO.

- Support API for ICO service.

- Support API for Gacha service.

- Implement marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Support staking service.

- Support ICO service.

- Support blog service.

- Support Gacha service.

- Implement marketplace upgradable




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