UpOnly Upgrades Tournament Service This Week

2 min readNov 15, 2022


While working on a range of new features

It is an exciting time to be a member of UpOnly community. As a part of the team, there is a buzz in the air with so much development taking place all at once. As a user, the anticipation is mounting as exciting new services come closer to release. This week we have added tournament upgrades to the list of on-site enhancements that are coming down the pipeline.

Tournaments are an instrumental element of the UpOnly platform. Our Tournament as a Service (TaaS) feature allows for community building and user engagement through exciting events packed with great prizes and rewards. This service is now more accessible than ever. Event organizers can select any token based on the Polygon network as the prize for their tournament on our site. BNB chain tokens will soon follow.

This means any developer on the blockchain can organize an event and have their native token as the reward for players. For example, this week, the prizes for an event featuring a Nakamoto Games title are being paid out in the ecosystem native token, $NAKA. The move will increase utility for developers and provide more tournaments for players.

UpOnly still has a host of other features that are steadily on route to launch. Our staking, blog, and ICO services are going to provide entirely new use cases for $UPO holders, creating multiple earning avenues for our users to choose from. Stay tuned for more updates as our team draws even closer to debuting this range of new services.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives


- Implement staking service.

- Implement payouts for NAKA Runner tournament.

- Implement blog service.

- Implement multichain tournament rewards (Polygon, BNB).

- Support SEO and marketing team.

- Implement ICO service.


- Support staking service.

- Support blog service.

- Support admin site for SEO.

- Support API for ICO service.

- Support marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Refactor staking service (Polygon, BNB).

- Refactor blog service.

- Support ICO service.




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