UpOnly to Launch Additional Staking Option For $UPO Holders

Staking partnership with Roseon WonderApp to provide holders with additional yield

UpOnly is thrilled to announce a new staking product option for $UPO holders, allowing them to earn high-yield income with up to 50% APY. This option is in addition to the native staking already available on the UpOnly platform. This partnership is in line with UpOnly’s commitment to provide $UPO holders with maximum earning potential for their investments.

UpOnly is the premier data and infrastructure provider for everything to do with the play-to-earn ecosystem and the Metaverse. Through the platform, users can view data regarding promising play-to-earn earning opportunities and boost their investment returns.

Roseon WonderApp is a mobile crypto app that tightly integrates CeFi and DeFi services within a single interface to simplify the digital asset investing experience. Starting from April 9, 2022 (00:00 UTC,) $UPO holders can stake their coins using the Roseon WonderApp. Users can lock their tokens for 30 to 180 days, with a return of up to 50% APY. With UpOnly already offering native staking on their platform, this partnership with Roseon WonderApp opens paths for $UPO token utility.

UpOnly will continue to research and discover promising partnership opportunities for $UPO holders to increase their investment yields and constantly increase the utility of the native token. As the premier platform for play-to-earn and Metaverse related data, UpOnly remains committed to offering its users a sublime experience.




The First Play to Earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform. Analyse | Predict | Earn $UPO

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The First Play to Earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform. Analyse | Predict | Earn $UPO

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