UpOnly to Integrate Tournament Service With Prediction System in Massive Week

UpOnly extends robust play-to-earn product suite with new integrations

The first dedicated data directory for blockchain and Metaverse-related games is continually expanding its offering to onboard more players and investors to the industry. This week, the UpOnly development team will design better UI experiences for our users, expanding our data directory, tournament service, and play-to-earn prediction platform.

The most prominent development task for the new week is the design of a user-friendly interface that combines two of our dominant platform features. The UpOnly tournament service allows play-to-earn gaming communities to host competitive events in a plug-and-play fashion. The UpOnly prediction system provides an opportunity for spectators to earn rewards by predicting the outcome of these events, including those hosted outside UpOnly.

Our design team has developed several UI/UX experiences that capture the scope of both products to provide the ideal data flow and user satisfaction. The team will iterate on these designs this week and gather in-house feedback to improve existing features.

UpOnly’s backend engineers are on track to implement new APIs to support the listing of new play-to-earn gaming projects seeking to crowdfund our upcoming ICO launchpad. Our blockchain development team has continued to refactor the code for connecting with ICO contract addresses to attain the highest possible security level.

Other minor tasks on this week’s sprint include improving data tracking on the UpOnly website and updating information on listed projects on our directory. These updates will enhance user experience and retention for UpOnly going forward.

UpOnly is firmly on track to build a premier data and prediction platform for the play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse space. We look forward to the new week and the exciting tasks ahead!

Week #3

Sprint Objectives


- Implement UX/UI for tournament service.

- Implement UX/UI for Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Improve the wording of project details and the voting system.

- Improve Website Tracking with Google Tag Manager and Meta Pixel.


- Implement API for ICO Service.

- Implement API for Gacha Service.

- Support API for Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Support API for UpOnly’s data system.

Smart contracts:

- Prepare auditing ICO contract.

- Refactor Box (Package) Gacha Service contract.

- Research and create flow for the marketplace.



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