UpOnly Steps Up Write-to-Earn Platform Among Ongoing Developments

3 min readDec 1, 2022

ICO and blog service priorities for this week

UpOnly is building a premier data and analytics platform for the rapidly growing play-to-earn gaming and Metaverse industry. UpOnly provides comprehensive data on the gaming and Metaverse market and a decentralized infrastructure that allows users to leverage the insights into real-world value by making wise investment decisions. UpOnly’s services, including the data directory and prediction platforms, are already solving pressing industry problems and will see increased growth in the coming years as the industry matures.

This week presents us with another opportunity to improve features on our platform while introducing new, exciting ones to further UpOnly’s mission. We are excited to undertake several new development tasks, including improving our $UPO staking service, ICO service, and the highly anticipated blog service.

The primary task on this week’s development checklist is the highly anticipated debut of the UpOnly write-to-earn platform. This new feature will allow members of our community to write content to earn $UPO tokens and other exciting rewards based on the quality of content and community engagement. Users can either collaborate with other members or work alone to earn these rewards.

Staking rewards token holders for their patience, allowing them to enjoy lucrative returns for locking their tokens for an extended period. This week, we will continue working to ensure staking on UpOnly is as smooth and secure as possible for $UPO holders. Our development team is also working to create an avenue that allows users to stake multiple tokens on UpOnly without switching between platforms.

Launching our ICO service is another crucial task that we are undertaking this week. The ICO service will allow developers to crowdfund projects on our platform, turning their innovative concepts into reality. This initiative also affords our community access to tokens from multiple promising projects at discounted prices, allowing investors to make a great return on their investments.

The UpOnly platform is becoming an invaluable data and engagement solution for blockchain gaming and Metaverse investors. This will become more evident as all planned features begin to go live.

We have so many features on the horizon that our community can look forward to as we expand our platform to become a one-stop shop for Web3 gamers and Metaverse investors. Stay tuned if you want to be the first to know about all the latest and exciting play-to-earn and Metaverse features debuting on our Web3 hub.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives


- Implement staking service.

- Implement blog service.

- Implement admin site for SEO.

- Support SEO and marketing team.

- Implement ICO service.

- Implement UI for Gacha service.


- Support staking service.

- Support blog service.

- Support admin site for SEO.

- Support API for ICO service.

- Support API for Gacha service.

- Support marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Refactor staking service (Polygon, BNB).

- Refactor blog service.

- Support ICO service.

- Support Gacha service.

- Support marketplace upgrades.




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