UpOnly Steps Up Investor Tracking Service Development

2 min readJan 19, 2023


Investment tracking service, blog service, and marketplace dominate busy week

UpOnly is building a one-stop solution that delivers valuable insights and provides multiple income opportunities for play-to-earn gamers, spectators, and investors. Investors and gamers can use our cutting-edge data directory and tournament service feature to maximize returns, while developers can use those features to build thriving Web3 communities.

This week presents us with yet another opportunity to further UpOnly’s mission, and we are excited to undertake several new development tasks. The most prominent task for the new week is the design of our investment tracking service. We recently announced that we would roll out two new services on the UpOnly platform, the investment tracking service for project developers and executives. This will be complemented by an investor rewards points system for users.

The investment tracking service helps project teams to seamlessly track and engage with investors, including informing investors of the latest updates and developments. The investor points system, on the other hand, allows users to earn rewards for investing in different crypto projects. These two new exciting features create a win-win experience for project developers and investors.

Additionally, we will be adding some finishing touches to the UpOnly blog service, which will allow users to earn the platform’s native token, $UPO, and other rewards by submitting written content. Users can also stake their earned $UPO to maximize reward payouts. UpOnly seeks to onboard more content creators to the GameFi ecosystem via the blog service while also presenting our community the opportunity to engage and be recognized for their contributions.

The UpOnly Marketplace is also one of our priorities this week, as our development team will be working on both the frontend and backend of this innovative solution. The UpOnly marketplace will allow players from diverse play-to-earn communities to spend $UPO to access exclusive items to boost gameplay rewards. This service will further increase the utility of the $UPO token.

We cannot wait to release these exciting features on our platform. UpOnly remains committed to building innovative solutions that lift up industry standards and improve the overall experience for gamers, investors and developers in the GameFi ecosystem.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

Week #3

System Analyst

- Design workflow for investor tracking service.

- Design workflow for marketplace.


- Refactor blog service.

- Upgrade Library Wallet Connect to v2.

- Implement a multichain switching interface.

- Implement a stablecoin interface.

- Implement investor tracking.

- Implement marketplace service.


- Refactor the whole system.

- Implement multichain and stablecoin switching.

- Support blog service.

- Refactor investor tracking.

- Implement marketplace service.




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