UpOnly Steps Up Blockchain Gaming Launchpad

UpOnly comes closer to Launchpad platform release among ongoing improvements

UpOnly is building a suite of tools to drive user adoption and data-driven investments in the GameFi market. UpOnly’s prediction platform and novel tournament service already deliver engaging experiences. Our upcoming blockchain gaming dedicated launchpad also holds a lot of promise and will be a top development priority this week.

The UpOnly Launchpad will provide another opportunity for investors to leverage the wealth of data on our data directory. Investors will stake $UPO to get early access to top-tier projects set to disrupt the blockchain gaming scene. This week, UpOnly’s engineers will begin implementing new front-end designs for the launchpad. The team will also enable API support for the launchpad across our other products, and continue preparations for a security audit of smart contracts that will underpin the platform.

Another product that users can anticipate soon on UpOnly is our write-to-earn service. Developers will begin front-end integration for the new offering this week. This will be done in tandem with enabling support for the write-to-earn API and related smart contracts.

Other platform enhancements currently underway include the design of a new staking flow and support for new $UPO staking contracts. The team will also research existing solutions to find suitable contracts for building a marketplace service. Last, but not least, we are also refactoring the codebase for our prediction and tournament service, with an eye on improving the system’s performance.

The UpOnly team remains hard at work to build solutions that drive GameFi adoption and bring increased utility to $UPO tokens. Meeting the laid-out development tasks for this week would bring us a step closer to the desired outcomes.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

Week Number #9


- Implement write-to-earn service.

- Refactor Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Implement Launchpad service.


- Support API for write-to-earn service.

- Support API for Launchpad service.

- Design flow for Staking service.

Smart contract

- Prepare audit for the Launchpad contract.

- Support Staking Service contract.

- Support Blog Service contract.

- Research for a marketplace service contract.



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