UpOnly Prioritizes Quality Assurance and Testing as Key Feature Rollouts

Tournament service, prediction platform, and ICO contract audit dominate busy week

UpOnly is building the first dedicated data directory for blockchain and Metaverse gaming. Our commitment to delivering features that meet the current needs of this emerging industry and the focus on providing high-quality products come to the fore in this week’s development objectives.

UpOnly developers will refactor the UI/UX source codes for our industry-first tournament service for play-to-earn gaming communities. The target is to provide a seamless experience for players hosting tournaments. The team has designed improved user flow experiences and will implement these concepts to the tournament hosting service.

UpOnly’s prediction platform is also undergoing quality assurance and testing this week. Our developers will implement findings from a recent testing phase to improve the process of randomly picking winners through the Box (Package) Gacha Service contract. The goal is to have the ideal basic anti-cheat system for prize pools on the UpOnly prediction platform. This week will also see our developers work on the implementation of the Gacha Service API.

UpOnly operates fully aware of the security risks associated with launching product features such as the tournament service and prediction platform that interact with a user wallet. To this effect, our blockchain development team continues to refactor these smart contract codes in preparation for a top-tier security audit.

Other tasks on this week’s development sprint include further work on the UX/UI and API implementation for our prediction system and tournament service. UpOnly’s marketing team is tasked with researching for a new blog platform to grow our exposure in addition to our current communication channels.

UpOnly remains committed to releasing secure and quality products that meet user expectations. This week presents another opportunity to progress in the right direction and build the one-stop data and engagement solution for the blockchain gaming space.

Week Number #4

Sprint Objectives


- Implement UX/UI for Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Refactor UX/UI for tournament service.

- Create a document for project details and the voting system.


- Implement API for Gacha Service.

- Support API for Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Research blog /article service like Medium website.

Smart contract:

- Audit ICO contract.

- Test and Refactor Box (Package) Gacha Service contract.

- Research and create flow for staging service.



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