UpOnly Partners with Cutting-Edge Metaverse Game League of Empires

UpOnly to host dedicated data page for vast League of Empires Metaverse

UpOnly is forming a partnership with blockchain-based massive multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game League of Empires. UpOnly will integrate insightful and actionable data from the immersive League of Empires gameplay into their versatile and growing data directory.

League of Empires offers a vast Metaverse environment to blockchain users worldwide. Players can battle other users, form alliances, conquer territories, and much more! All of these activities are closely intertwined with the ability to earn crypto assets. Successfully conquering other players and territories allows players to earn in the form of in-game NFT assets and the native $LOE token.

UpOnly will host key data from the League of Empires game on their data directory while also having a dedicated web page where users can find data to guide their decisions with the League of Empires environment. Users can find data such as top players, most profitable territories, and most lucrative assets.

UpOnly is thrilled to welcome on board a Metaverse game that is setting the standard for blockchain-based MMORTS games. This partnership is part of UpOnly’s wider commitment to being the premier resource for the data needs of play-to-earn and Metaverse gamers worldwide.




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The First Play to Earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform. Analyse | Predict | Earn $UPO

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