UpOnly Partners with 3D NFT Game Ookeenga

Play-to-earn directory will unlock data-driven gameplay for the Ookeenga community

UpOnly is the most inclusive data directory for play-to-earn gaming ventures — with a mission to deliver insights for existing, upcoming gaming titles to support sound investment choices. Today, we are partnering with Ookeenga, a cutting-edge 3D blockchain game that has gained traction.

Ookeenga features immersive gameplay in a 3D-rendered forest where players battle a civilization of insects for territorial dominance. Players receive NFT drops and other items for defending their borders against insect enemies. Ooekenga also supports ammunition crafting and PvE and PvP mode play.

UpOnly will unlock data-driven gameplay for the Ookeenga community by integrating several on-chain data from the game into its data directory. UpOnly users can maximize gameplay through easy access to actionable data such as upcoming events, active player count, NFT sales, and the latest market-moving news from the Ookeenga ecosystem.

UpOnly relishes the opportunity to bring increased transparency to Ookeenga and spur game adoption. Ookeenga already boasts hundreds of thousands of followers, many of whom will become potential UpOnly users through the latest partnership.

UpOnly is rapidly expanding the number of play-to-earn and move-to-earn gaming options tracked on its data directory into the hundreds. This growth increases visibility for $UPO and other UpOnly offerings.



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