UpOnly Lists NAKA Punks On Platform

The punk-themed NFT collection by Nakamoto Games comes to our data directory

UpOnly is the leading predictions platform in the play-to-earn and Metaverse landscape. We provide actionable data for gamers, helping them make educated decisions to maximize their play-to-earn profits. Historically, our focus has been play-to-earn and Metaverse projects. However, our latest agreement allows us to step into the lucrative world of NFTs by listing NAKA Punks, a set of 10,000 NFTs created by our close partner Nakamoto Games.

UpOnly has been closely affiliated with Nakamoto Games since our inception. They are a leading play-to-earn ecosystem with a range of great games and an upcoming Metaverse environment called the NAKAVERSE. Recently, Nakamoto Games released NAKA Punks, which have a variety of perks and assets associated with them. Each NAKA Punk will have its own unique set of characteristics and rarity indicators that can alter the speculative value of the NFT.

UpOnly will integrate the NAKA Punk NFT collection into its data directory. An individual page will be created specifically for analytics associated with NAKA Punks. The page will contain key insights including a description of the collection, the number of owners, sale prices, and trading volume. A rarity calculator will be available onsite to estimate the value of your NAKA Punk or any other NAKA Punk you may be interested in purchasing. Finally, our site will provide direct access to the NAKA Punk marketplace where our community can buy and sell their NFTs.

Listing the NAKA Punks on our site ensures that the NFT collection will gain widespread exposure to a sea of play-to-earn gamers on our platform. Additionally, UpOnly’s website will gain more traffic from the large Nakamoto Games community visiting to learn more about the collection. Our partnership with Nakamoto games is important to us and we are proud to work with them whenever we can. Both platforms are industry leaders in their own niche of the GameFi landscape. Make sure to visit our site for up-to-date analytics on the NAKA Punk NFT collection.



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