UpOnly Lines Up Staking and Tournament Service Upgrades

GameFi data platform to improve $UPO earnings portal and support more tournaments

UpOnly is the industry’s first dedicated analytics platform for play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming. The $UPO token underpins UpOnly’s offerings and already offers passive income opportunities to investors through staking incentives. This week, our developers will enhance UpOnly’s staking service as part of broader scale development efforts that bring improved experiences to our platform.

Our backend engineers will integrate a new design flow for the UpOnly staking service. This backend improvement delivers more streamlined management for staked tokens and allows UpOnly to offer improved staking options for investors. Meanwhile, UpOnly’s blockchain development team will refactor and test the $UPO staking service codebase in line with the enhanced backend flow.

The development of the UpOnly write-to-earn platform is progressing at remarkable speed. Our team has completed the preliminary design phase and developed smart contracts that support $UPO integration. The next task on this week’s checklist is testing and refactoring the codebase. We will also integrate an updated content voting system.

UpOnly’s primary offerings — the prediction platform and tournament service — are on the cards for minor improvements. The team will test an Open API that enables the tournament service to host more events across the blockchain gaming industry. We will also review recent community feedback and improve the prediction and tournament service integration in line with those suggestions.

UpOnly is becoming an indispensable data and engagement solution for blockchain gaming investors. We are optimistic that improving $UPO staking services and existing solutions will enable us to capture more market share as the industry onboards more users.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

Week Number #8


- Refactor Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Implement Blog Service.

- Update content voting.


- Support API for Gacha Service.

- Implement API for Blog Service.

- Test Open API for Tournament Service.

- Design flow for Staking Service.

Smart contract

- Prepare auditing ICO contracts.

- Refactor and test the Staking Service contract.

- Refactor and test the Blog Service contract.



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