UpOnly Launches Tournament Service for Play-to-Earn Games

New tournament-as-a-service (TaaS) platform simplifies gaming contests with exciting rewards for players.

UpOnly is excited to announce the launch of its decentralized tournament-as-a-service (TaaS) platform, the first of its kind in the play-to-earn and blockchain gaming space. The new service provides a unique opportunity for players, gaming guilds, and project teams to boost community engagement and unlock new reward opportunities.

UpOnly’s comprehensive solution removes the hassle of planning and organizing player vs. player contests or community tournaments. Tournament hosts can simply complete a form defining parameters below:

  • Tournament Name
  • Tournament Description
  • The date the competition will be held.
  • The date of registration for the competition.
  • Approximate number of competitors.
  • Number of competition rounds.
  • The prize money for each position (first, second, third, etc)

Once approved, tournament hosts receive a secure link they can provide to contestants participating in the event. Hosts also securely deposit the prize money before the event to ensure that rewards are paid based on the outcome. Lastly, rewards are promptly distributed to winners at the event’s conclusion, with UpOnly receiving a small fee from the tournament host. All rewards and prize payouts are stored in a smart contract and distributed once the contest finishes. Thus, all payouts are guaranteed.

The UpOnly TaaS platform will initially accept prize money deposits in our native currency, $UPO, or other Polygon-native tokens, including ecosystem assets utilized by gaming projects. UpOnly will rapidly scale the TaaS platform to accept other cryptocurrencies and integrate hosted tournaments within its prediction platform in the long run.

UpOnly anticipates that the new TaaS service will further bolster its growing user base as several new players interact and recognize the immense value of actionable insights aggregated on our data directory.

Meanwhile, the latest UpOnly feature rollout continues an impressive track record of delivering products that accelerate the adoption of play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming ecosystems. UpOnly looks forward to serving the growing community of players seeking to explore additional excitement opportunities through tournaments.



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