UpOnly Introduces Native Staking

UpOnly introduces staking to enable $UPO holders to earn high-yield passive income

UpOnly, the fastest-growing play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its native staking platform. $UPO token holders can now reap high-yielding passive income and grow their digital assets by locking $UPO over a period of 30–90 days. Stake now!

UpOnly is the premier data and infrastructure provider for everything to do with the play-to-earn ecosystem and the Metaverse. UpOnly prides itself on transparency and reliability, giving its users the chance to identify the most lucrative gaming opportunities and optimize their gaming experience. By leveraging on-chain data, gamers can use UpOnly’s unique platform to unlock new earning opportunities.

The decision to launch native staking capabilities is in line with this vision. Users can stake their coins from April 7, 2022 UTC and stand to earn lucrative annual percentage rates (APR) between 15–25%, depending on their staking periods. There are no deposit thresholds. As such, $UPO holders can stake as low as 1 $UPO. The rewards and staking periods are as follows:

  • 30 days → 15% APR (April 16, 2022 UTC — to May 16, 2022 UTC)
  • 60 days → 20% APR (April 16, 2022 UTC — to June 15, 2022 UTC)
  • 90 days → 25% APR (April 16, 2022 UTC — to July 15, 2022 UTC)

UpOnly is confident that the launch of native staking will help its community earn greater rewards while participating in the lucrative play-to-earn ecosystem. Users can continue to expect community-oriented announcements in the future as UpOnly moves from strength to strength.



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