UpOnly Integrates Move-To-Earn In Growing Database Directory

Users can now look up M2E projects on UpOnly data directory.

UpOnly, the comprehensive play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform, is pleased to announce the extension of its directory section to accommodate move-to-earn-based projects. UpOnly prides itself on transparency and reliability, giving its users the chance to identify the most lucrative gaming opportunities and optimize their gaming experience. UpOnly can now also identify promising gaming opportunities within the booming move-to-earn space.

Move-to-earn (M2E) is a newly introduced model which promotes the innate characteristics of a healthy lifestyle through various forms of sports and exercise that involve body movement. The gamification of this model provides healthy and sustainable incentives for internet users worldwide to kickstart and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

UpOnly users can now locate move-to-earn-based projects in our data directory section. The available data about move-to-earn projects will encompass entry costs of move-to-earn projects, potential earnings made by players in the M2E space, and up-to-date trends and info about M2E.

The inclusion of move-to-earn projects in our directory further broadens the opportunities at the disposal of UpOnly users. UpOnly users can now identify and capitalize on the highest-yielding opportunities within the move-to-earn space.



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