UpOnly Forms Strategic Partnership with Crypto Chateau

Crypto Chateau provides support and funding for UpOnly development

Play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform UpOnly is teaming up with experienced crypto VC firm Crypto Chateau. Based in the Netherlands, Crypto Chateau has a stellar track record of successful early-stage investments in disruptive crypto projects.

Crypto Chateau will provide funding and support to UpOnly in its journey towards delivering a premier data resource for play-to-earn games. After passing rigorous analysis, we’re thrilled that Crypto Chateau has chosen to expand its portfolio of disruptive decentralized projects by supporting UpOnly.

We anticipate that the firm’s network of respected cryptocurrency influencers will raise awareness of UpOnly’s unique offering. This partnership will play a significant role in introducing UpOnly and the native $UPO token to a broad audience of crypto natives.

The latest backing adds to the enormous list of support and funding that UpOnly has received from other notable venture capital firms. As the play-to-earn gaming industry continues on the path to mainstream adoption, these key partnerships will support and cement UpOnly’s position as the premier data provider for the industry.




The First Play to Earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform. Analyse | Predict | Earn $UPO

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The First Play to Earn Gaming Analytics and Prediction Platform. Analyse | Predict | Earn $UPO

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