UpOnly Fast Tracks Write-to-Earn Platform

Upgrades to Tournament Service and Staking part of the sprint

UpOnly builds solutions that address critical needs in the emerging blockchain and Metaverse gaming industry. The UpOnly data directory, prediction platform, and tournament service already solve pressing problems and will grow significantly as the industry matures. UpOnly’s upcoming write-to-earn platform, a primary focus of development efforts this week, is also poised to accelerate GameFi adoption.

The UpOnly write-to-earn platform will be the first blogging platform dedicated to the blockchain gaming industry. Powered by $UPO, UpOnly will incentivize content creators to publish content that covers the latest developments and insights in the GameFi market.

This week, our developers will ramp up efforts to develop the platform’s frontend and enable API support for the write-to-earn service across our current suite of products. Our blockchain development team is also working on implementing smart contracts that will allow $UPO integration on the write-to-earn platform.

We are working on the codebase for several smart contracts for the UpOnly platform. The $UPO staking service contract is expected to go live in the coming weeks. This will usher in a new $UPO staking round with an optimized management system for locked user funds. Other smart contract development tasks cover the UpOnly Gacha and marketplace services.

Finally, our developers remain hard at work optimizing the performance of our prediction system and tournament-as-a-service (TaaS) offering. These optimizations will set the perfect platform for the next tournament event scheduled for September 28, 2022.

UpOnly is actively researching the GameFi market and will explore new product lines that address player and investor needs. We look forward to another busy week of working round the clock to make UpOnly an invaluable resource for the blockchain gaming industry.

Sprint Objectives

Week Number #10


- Refactor Prediction System x Tournament Service.

- Implement write-to-earn service.


- Support API for Prediction System x Tournament service.

- Support API for write-to-earn service.

- Design flow for staking service.

Smart contract

- Prepare auditing ICO contracts.

- Support staking service contract.

- Support write-to-earn service contract.

- Improve the Gacha service contract.

- Implement a marketplace service contract.



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