UpOnly Eyes Seamless Multichain Connectivity

2 min readJun 6, 2023

A new multichain switching interface on the way to the UpOnly platform

UpOnly is a one-stop shop for the Web3 gaming and Metaverse markets. We aim to bring every corner of the industry under one digital roof. To further our mission, the team is working hard this week to bridge the gap between blockchains through our new multichain switching interface.

Multichain switching refers to the process of seamlessly traversing the Web3 ecosystem. This revolutionary feature propels the boundaries of blockchain connectivity, offering users an unprecedented level of smooth interaction across multiple networks.

UpOnly’s multichain switching interface simplifies the user experience. It eliminates the hassle of managing multiple wallets or accounts across different chains. This goes hand-in-hand with our new marketplace service, which allows Web3 projects to host their marketplace on UpOnly while offering users loyalty points for each purchase.

Users can now effortlessly switch between blockchains, leveraging each network’s unique functionalities, features, and DeFi opportunities. Whether optimizing transaction speed, accessing specialized dApps, or capitalizing on specific blockchain advantages, UpOnly empowers users with unparalleled flexibility and choice.

Our team has completed the research phase and selected blockchains that can support our interface. We have also designed the system architecture, which includes essential components such as wallet integrations, smart contract infrastructure, APIs, and user interfaces.

Now, we shift focus to developing the core functionality of the interface. This involves implementing asset transfers, executing transactions, and integrating smart contracts with multiple networks.

To ensure optimal security, we are implementing robust safety measures and conducting thorough security audits and vulnerability assessments to address any potential risks. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to creating a reliable and secure environment where users can confidently manage their digital assets and data. We understand the importance of safeguarding user assets, and our rigorous security protocols will be in place to protect your interests throughout.

With the exponential growth of blockchain technology and the diverse ecosystems it fosters, UpOnly recognized the need for a unified solution that enables users to navigate the Web3 ecosystem effortlessly. Our multichain switching interface builds upon the company’s commitment to advancing blockchain adoption and revolutionizing decentralized finance.

Through continuous research, development, and collaboration with industry partners, UpOnly aims to shape the future of blockchain technology and drive innovation across multiple chains. Stay tuned each week as we provide updates on our mission to make this a reality.

UPO Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Implement voting system v2.

- Support workflow for marketplace project.

- Support workflow for multichain switching interface.


- Implement marketplace service.

- Implement multichain switching.


- Support marketplace service.

- Support multichain switching.

Smart Contract

- Upgrade voting system v2.


- Test multichain switching.

- Support voting system v2.

- Create automated tests for users.




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