UpOnly Eyes Major Implementations as Development Advances

2 min readJul 27, 2022


Upgrades to tournament service, prediction system, and ICO contracts on the cards in coming week

UpOnly, the industry’s first dedicated analytics platform for blockchain and Metaverse gaming, continues to ramp up development efforts. In the exciting upcoming week, users can look forward to changes enhancing their experience while surfing the UpOnly platform.

The week’s vital front-end development task is a team review of text content for project details and the voting system on UpOnly’s data directory. This review is beneficial as it brings a human element to project display information typically pulled from several sources through an API. We anticipate this significant improvement will result in longer visit durations to UpOnly and increase our platform’s value.

UpOnly’s marketing team will further adjust Google Tag Manager and Meta Pixel improvements in line with recent platform updates. An improved analytics tracking experience helps measure UpOnly’s campaigns’ reach and ongoing efforts to attract more users.

On a broader scale, UpOnly core developers will continue to work on implementing and testing UX/UI experiences for our widely-anticipated tournament service and prediction services. At the same time, backend engineers will implement and launch support for APIs related to the Gacha service for selecting prediction event winners and the overall UpOnly data directory system.

API implementation is also in the works for the UpOnly ICO service, allowing upcoming play-to-earn and move-to-earn projects to crowdfund on the UpOnly platform. This week, UpOnly’s blockchain developers will prepare the ICO contract for auditing and refactor the codebase for the Gacha service contract.

UpOnly’s mission to become the premier data directory for blockchain gaming players and investors remains a top priority across our development teams. We will continue to prioritize the release of features that directly increase usage and improve the experience for our community.

Week #2 Sprint Objectives


- Adjust the Google Tag Manager and Meta Pixel.

- Implement UX/UI for tournament service.

- Implement UX/UI for Prediction System x Tournament service

- Check the wording for project details and the voting system.


- Implement API for ICO Service.

- Implement API for Gacha Service.

- Support API for UpOnly’s data system.

- Support API for Prediction System x Tournament service

Smart contracts:

- Prepare auditing ICO contract.

- Refactor Box (Package) Gacha Service contract.

- Research and create flow for the marketplace.




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