UpOnly Embraces New Transparency Standard

Blockchain gaming data directory to release weekly updates with key roadmap features lined up

UpOnly, the first dedicated analytics platform for blockchain gaming and Metaverse data, has witnessed rapid community growth since going live. The UpOnly platform has also welcomed significant improvements, making it friendlier for users and bringing us closer to the goal of becoming a one-stop data solution for players and investors.

With several developments lined up over the coming months, UpOnly is delighted to embrace a new transparency standard that gives our community insights into the team’s latest development efforts. UpOnly will publish weekly development sprints, providing critical updates on features that users can expect and the rollout progress.

Over the next week, the UpOnly development team is on track to make progress on various front-end, backend, and smart contract improvements that improve the user experience on our data directory. For instance, developers will implement news website analysis features for listed projects, review words for project details, and the voting system.

UpOnly’s tournament as a service (TaaS) offering is also on the development radar for this week. UpOnly developers will implement UI/UX designs for the tournament service and integrate backend support for the tournament API system. The team will further integrate UpOnly’s prediction platform with the tournament service, allowing users the option to earn rewards by using $UPO to predict the outcome of hosted tournaments.

Meanwhile, UpOnly’s blockchain development team will research and create the flow for Box (Package) Gacha, a fair system to support reward pools for prediction games. The development team will also initiate the process for data oracle integration with Chainlink to feed real-world data to the UpOnly prediction platform.

UpOnly has built a record of delivering key roadmap features ahead of schedule and remains committed to doing so for the foreseeable future. The latest introduction of weekly development sprints also aligns with our commitment to building strong community relations and sets the tone for exciting improvements to the UpOnly ecosystem.

Week #1 Sprint Objectives


- Implement website analysis features.

- Implement design UX/UI for tournament service.

- Check wording for project details and voting system.


- Support tournament API system.

- Integrated betting system with tournament service.

Smart Contracts:

- Research and create flow for Box (Package) Gacha Service (Chainlink Integrations).



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