UpOnly Edges Closer to Tournament Service Release

Blockchain data directory nears beta release of industry-first tournament-as-a-service platform.

UpOnly is transforming the blockchain gaming landscape through a suite of products that boosts player engagement. Today, we are pleased to share a progress update on the development of the UpOnly tournament service, a novel solution that simplifies the organization of gaming contests.

The UpOnly decentralized tournament-as-a-service (TaaS) platform allows players, gaming guilds, and project teams to enhance participation through independently organized contests. The TaaS service replaces the hassles in planning player vs. player and community contests with a user-friendly platform where anyone can define and implement their desired contest parameters.

UpOnly has completed major development sprints toward the release of the TaaS platform. For instance, our team has created and deployed smart contracts to power asset exchange for enlisted contests. Additionally, the entire UI/UX experience has been carefully designed to reflect UpOnly’s commitment to providing a superior feel to users.

UpOnly plans to release the platform to beta testers and early investors on July 12, with the development of an admin panel currently in progress. The beta release would mark a significant milestone in our growth and build anticipation for a full release of yet another exciting addition to UpOnly’s product suite.

The upcoming release of the TaaS platform will also attract several new users to UpOnly and unlock exciting use cases for $UPO within our ecosystem. UpOnly remains committed to facilitating a data-driven and engaging experience for players and investors in the blockchain and Metaverse gaming space.



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