UpOnly Brings Long-Term Vision into Focus This Week

2 min readFeb 1, 2023

The team works on plans to go multichain

UpOnly aims to provide a comprehensive platform that offers valuable insights and multiple earning opportunities for play-to-earn gamers, spectators, and investors. With our advanced data directory and tournament services, the blockchain community can optimize their returns while developers can foster thriving Web3 communities.

With the hard work done for so many features set for launch in the short term, we sat down this week to realign and work on some long-term goals. To become a one-stop shop for Web3 in the long run, UpOnly will have to go multichain and plans are in place to execute this. The team brainstormed and decided the initial steps involved expansion into BNB Chain and Dogechain, two fun-loving and gaming-heavy blockchains that would be a perfect fit for the UpOnly ethos.

As for the short term, further implementation of our investment tracking service on the front end is underway, with the support of our systems analysis team. The investor tracking service will make it easy for project teams to keep track of their investors and communicate updates and developments. Meanwhile, the investor rewards points system will allow users to earn rewards by investing in various cryptocurrency projects, creating a mutually beneficial experience for project developers and investors.

At UpOnly, we are eager to unveil a host of lucrative features on our platform; all interconnected to build our ecosystem and foster growth within the industry. We focus on providing short-term values to users and implementing long-term plans to accommodate platform growth. Our focus remains steadfast on creating cutting-edge solutions that raise the bar and enhance the experience for all stakeholders in the GameFi and Metaverse ecosystem.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

Systems Analyst

- Support workflow for investor tracking.

- Final check on workflow for the marketplace.

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.


- Refactor blog service.

- Refactor stablecoin frontend interface.

- Implement investor tracking.

- Implement marketplace service.

- Upgrade library wallet connect to v2.


- Refactor the whole system.

- Support stablecoin switching.

- Support blog service.

- Support investor tracking

- Implement multi-chain switching.

- Implement marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Support blog service.

- Support marketplace service.

- Audit ICO and staking service.

- Create GACHA document.


- Test blog.

- Create a manual test for the stablecoin service.

- Create automated test for ICO service.




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