UpOnly Announces Partnership With Palmare

Community-driven Web3 sports app Palmare is the latest in a long list of UpOnly partnerships

UpOnly is a pioneering analytics and predictions platform, providing actionable data for the play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming community. We’re consistently searching for well-established and promising projects to enrich our platform. UpOnly is pleased to announce the addition of Palmare to our ever-expanding list of Web3 partners.

Palmare is more than a train-to-earn app. It is a community-based Web3 social experience that combines active people from a variety of sports. Users can mingle with athletes by sharing their workouts together through a unique blockchain-based social platform.

Palmare offers users an array of ways to earn from leading an active lifestyle. Train-to-earn allows users to cycle or train in any sport to earn rewards. Tokens are awarded by estimating calories burned based on distance and movement speed. Users can also earn by sharing their training results and receiving engagement on their posts. Finally, athletes can gain rewards from checking in at various locations and completing quests that the app generates.

Every profile established is a newly minted NFT. When trainers complete all quests, they earn tokens and level up their own profile or upgrade their NFT to increase daily earnings. Owners can transfer or sell their profile NFT on the marketplace if they chose to do so.

As part of our partnership, UpOnly will launch a unique page for Palmare in its data directory. This will bring an entirely new audience to those interested in reaping rewards from their athletic endeavors. UpOnly will also track transaction history, price action, and the latest market-moving news for Palmare ecosystem tokens. This provides UpOnly users with sophisticated data that they can use to maximize their earning potential on the Palmare platform.

Every time we form a new partner, the strength of our $UPO increases due to the need for listed projects to purchase and hold our native token. Palmare is committed to fostering a positive ecosystem where users can gain motivation from the people they connect with by sharing their accomplishments. We’re proud to partner with Palmare and look forward to joining them on their journey in the Web3 space.



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