UpOnly Announces Partnership with GalaxyBlitz

UpOnly to add a burgeoning play-to-earn NFT strategy game to its expanding data directory

UpOnly is a premier analytics service for play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming. Our user-friendly data directory and predictions platform provide blockchain gamers with a catalog of fruitful earning opportunities. We continue to grow our ecosystem through partnerships with promising projects, the latest of which is Galaxy Blitz.

Similar to Clash of Clans, Galaxy Blitz is a simulated life game (SLG) where players build an interstellar army, and join forces with others to conquer planets and acquire resources. Gamers can earn the platform’s native $MIT token through completing missions and selling resources in their in-game marketplace.

Galaxy Blitz’s open-Beta attracted an impressive 60,000 users in a short period and the project is now preparing for the launch of the mainnet version. As of March, the native token has been listed on established exchanges such as Gate io, Pancakeswap, and Ascendex.

As part of our partnership, Galaxy Blitz will have its own unique page on the UpOnly website. The page will contain keen insights for play-to-earn gamers including transaction history, price action, and $MIT tokenomics. The listing will increase their exposure to the GameFi community while also adding another thriving project to the UpOnly platform. Galaxy Blitz can also avail of our Tournament as a Service (TaaS) feature to host exciting events on our website.

The benefits of partnerships like this cannot be understated. Each partner expands our data directory and strengthens the value of our $UPO token. We’re proud to partner with a thriving project like Galaxy Blitz and look forward to collaborating further with them.



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