UpOnly Announces Partnership With Evermoon

The world’s first free-play-to-earn MOBA joins UpOnly’s data directory

UpOnly is building an industry-leading data directory and predictions platform. Our community can access insights into prominent play-to-earn games. This allows gamers to devise optimal strategies to maximize their play-to-earn profits. We’re pleased to announce that Evermoon is the latest addition to our expanding catalog of listings.

Evermoon is the first free-to-play-to-earn multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) NFT game. Its goal is to deliver an action-packed experience by offering AAA-tier graphics and rich DOTA-style 5v5 mechanics. The game also features sustainable dual token economics and a low barrier to entry for non-crypto native gamers. The beta version will launch in Q4 of this year followed by the full game release in Q1 2023.

Evermoon will have its own page on our website containing real-time data on transaction history, price action, and their $EVM (Evermoon)/$ES (Everstone) tokenomics. With every partnership, our data directory expands giving the community a more comprehensive view of the GameFi landscape.

The listing will help build our catalog and expose Evermoon to a wider GameFi audience. Furthermore, genres like MOBA have the largest tournaments in E-Sports. Evermoon can avail of our Tournament as a Service (TaaS) to host thrilling and exciting contests for their players.

Through regular partnerships with burgeoning projects, we expand our platform and strengthen our $UPO token. We are building a data directory to service the entire GameFi community and every partnership is a step towards this ambition. We’re excited to see what developments are in store for us and look forward to growing together in the industry.



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