UpOnly AMA Upcoming in Fast-Growing VenusQueen Community

VenusQueen will be hosting an AMA for play-to-earn data directory and predictions platform UpOnly

UpOnly has an upcoming AMA in the deeply engaged cryptocurrency community group VenusQueen. VenusQueen is a community group that consists of thousands of crypto enthusiasts with varying levels of experience.

An AMA with UpOnly will be hosted in the VenusQueen Telegram group. The group will get access to the team behind the most exciting play-to-earn project of 2021. UpOnly is building a comprehensive data directory for play-to-earn gaming and Metaverse projects. UpOnly is launching a decentralized Polygon-based predictions platform alongside the data directory which will allow anyone to earn income by speculating on the outcome of play-to-earn events.

VenusQueen is one of the fastest growing community groups in the crypto industry and their members will be able to pose questions to the core team behind UpOnly. Venus Queen has a community which has over 6,000 Telegram members and a Twitter audience of over 15,000.

The AMA will take place on the 7th of November at 8 am PST. Anyone can access from the VenusQueen Telegram group and rewards will be distributed to some participants!



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