The Rapid Expansion Of UpOnly

5 min readMay 27, 2022


An overview of Web3’s most promising data directory and it’s associated partnerships

UpOnly is the leading move-to-earn, play-to-earn, and Metaverse data directory in the blockchain gaming industry. UpOnly’s goal is to help the GameFi community identify profitable gaming opportunities and optimize their gameplay in the move-to-earn (M2E) and play-to-earn (P2E) landscapes. Users can access UpOnly’s sophisticated predictions platform to bet on the outcome of gaming events and can also leverage a plethora of statistics and analytical tools to help them make educated and thorough investment decisions. Key insights such as number of gamers, trading volume for in-game assets, future events, payout sizes, odds of winning prize pools, and ease-of-entry are accessible for users on UpOnly’s platform.

Its rapid expansion is a testament to the demand for an infrastructure like UpOnly in the GameFi community. Both UpOnly’s prediction platform and data analytics platform are live as of late April. UpOnly’s ecosystem continues to blossom with new and exciting partnerships forming on a weekly basis, cementing its place as the go-to resource for blockchain gamers. UpOnly has joined forces with an array of the most innovative and promising GameFi projects on the market.

The full list of partners include:

AcknoLedger — Global network that indexes all NFT’s across the Web 3.0 digital landscape

Animalia — Free-to-play competitive trading card game featuring collectible NFTs.

Arcade Network Cross-chain platform specializing in secure asset transactions across partnered blockchain gaming and Metaverse ecosystems.

Bit Hotel — Social blockchain gaming digital world with enriching social elements where players compete for NFT rewards.

Bot Planet — Addictive NFT card game where users collect characters and battle other players.

ChainMyth — Skilled, competitive P2E shooter where players compete in an online battle arena for crypto rewards.

Continuum World — A novel NFT and crypto P2E game coming soon where players engage in farming activities to build their digital assets.

Crypto Chateau — A European conglomerate of distinguished blockchain investors with an exemplary record of prosperous early-stage investments in Web3 projects.

DEFITPioneering project in the M2E landscape incorporating a comprehensive Web3 digital fitness marketplace and an enriching social media-like environment.

Dragon SB — Dragon-themed multi-chain P2E RPG made with top-tier gaming software Unreal Engine.

Duckie LandA Metaverse P2E game where players invest and earn rewards by breeding ducks and battling against both players and AI.

Ertha — An immersive MMORPG where players battle for control over geo-political maps and can generate revenue by owning land within the virtual world.

Exeedme — Sophisticated P2E platform featuring blockbuster games such as CS:GO, Warzone, and DOTA2.

Ferrum Network — DeFi platform tailored for cross-chain interoperability and rapid transactions with an intuitive user interface.

FitEvo — Groundbreaking GameFi application that is among the first to incorporate M2E features without the need for any additional physical accessories.

OIG Group — Venture capital firm with a history of outperforming in the digital asset sphere

Killbox — Fast paced first-person shooter which has reached 100 million downloads and hosts over 1.5 million daily active players.

Kitsumon — Breeding-focused game where users foster NFT pets which accompany them in battles and conquests to acquire land.

Koakuma — Action role-playing game with an immersive Metaverse that provides gamers with lucrative P2E opportunities.

Kusama Kings — NFT-based DAO boasting a Twitter following of over 50,000 and a total marketing reach across all platforms of more than 1 million users.

League Of Empires — Strategic blockchain-based MMORTS game with P2E rewards where players compete by building and commanding their armies.

MetaFiMetaverse where players trade both Web3 and traditional financial assets in a socially engaging environment.

MetaFighter — P2E 1v1 fighting game similar to legendary arcade titles such as Street Fighter.

Metagods — Action-based multiplayer online game where gamers earn NFTs for battling enemies and conquering territories.

Metarun — Blockchain-based multiplayer runner game with P2E rewards and NFT marketplace for trading in-game assets.

MH Ventures — Community-centered venture capital company that holds long-term positions in a variety of leading blockchain-based platforms.

Mones — Next-generation fighting game with superior design and a strong player-driven economy.

MoonStarter — IDO launchpad with a sublime track record of hosting successful token offerings that have resulted in lucrative returns for investors.

Nakamoto Games — Thriving P2E gaming platform featuring a catalog of premium titles, a lucrative marketplace, and an immersive Metaverse which mimics many facets of the real life economy.

Oxbull — Metaverse and GameFi IDO launchpad with an exemplary record of delivering fantastic results for both enterprises and investors.

Outlanders — Immersive MMORPG packed with both M2E and P2E rewards featuring a smooth onboarding experience ensuring accessibility for non-crypto-native gamers.

Paragen — Successful blockchain incubator that provides indispensable advice and funding to Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT-related startups.

Penguin Karts — First-of-its-kind battle-racing P2E game that provides an action-packed user-friendly experience.

Revolve Games — Unique P2E gaming platform that combines the power of blockchain-based assets with the vast potential of the DeFi space.

Roseon Finance — Premium DeFi platform that offers investors access to early-stage crypto projects.

Rugged Rats — A popular Solana-based NFT collection.

Synapse Network — Cross-chain fundraising enterprise that has yielded remarkable returns for stakeholders across token sales for many high-profile DeFi, gaming, and Metaverse projects.

The Three Kingdoms — P2E, Metaverse, and NFT project where players compete to build the best kingdoms, conquer new territories, and acquire land parcels within the ecosystem.

Void Games — Action-packed multiplayer game where every asset within the gaming landscape is underpinned by an NFT.

WAM — P2E platform with an impressive community of over 3.5 million users.

WonderHero — NFT-powered role-playing mobile game that includes lucrative P2E rewards in a unique anime environment.

This list will continue to expand as UpOnly continues to develop and thrive within the GameFi landscape. Our partners provide UpOnly with the raw data which is transformed into useful investment information for our Users. UpOnly’s expanding catalog of partnerships is a shining example of our progress within the market and the promising future of the project. The GameFi market is brimming with innovative, passionate, and driven enterprises, painting a bright future for an industry revolutionizing the gaming sector.




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