Place Your Predictions: Watch-to-Earn Is Back!

2 min readMay 17, 2023


Make your picks and enjoy the gaming action in this weekend’s tournament.

UpOnly is a one-stop shop for the Web3 gaming and Metaverse market. We offer every member of the community fantastic earning opportunities through a range of innovative blockchain and crypto-earning services. This weekend, the spotlight is on the spectators, who can earn big via our Watch-to-Earn Service.

The thrilling realm of watch-to-earn combines gaming, predicting, and Web3 technology to create an electrifying experience for spectators. As the UpOnly virtual arena comes alive with intense gaming tournaments, spectators become active participants, fueled by the exhilarating rush of predicting the outcomes of their favorite competitors.

This weekend is when the action begins! UpOnly is collaborating with our close partner Nakamoto Games, to showcase a weekend-long Brawler Master tournament. An ideal game for immersive viewing, Brawler Master is an action-packed 1V1 fighting game based on the Arcade classic Street Fighter.

The tournament kicks off this Friday, 08:00 PM Thailand time, till the following Monday at 08:00 PM. Here is everything you need to know to place your predictions and watch the action unfold:

On Friday, at midnight, Thailand time, we will form the five best player pairs on the UpOnly platform.

Spectators can join, make predictions, and place predictions on their preferred player at any time on the platform.

Make predictions using our native token, $UPO.

Simply set up a UPO wallet on our platform, purchase $UPO seamlessly, and you are all set to begin making predictions.

The prediction period concludes on Sunday, at midnight, Thailand time.

Rewards for predictions will be distributed within 24 hours after the NAKA event concludes.

The watch-to-earn service is a gateway to unforgettable experiences, where fortunes are predicted and the thrill of victory intensifies, fueled by the prospect of earning big. As the battles rage on, anticipation mounts, knowing that victory not only brings glory to the player but bestows lucrative rewards on those with the wit to predict the outcome.

If you are a non-gamer eying a way to earn, have critical knowledge of the players in the tournament, or are simply looking to supercharge your spectating experience, then Watch-to-Earn is for you. Head over to the UpOnly website this weekend to embrace the future of gaming and predicting intersecting in one epic spectating experience.




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