New Launchpad Grants First Access to Great Web3 Projects

3 min readMar 1, 2023

Investors access private presales while project owners build a community, capital, and a brand

UpOnly continues to build a one-stop shop for the play-to-earn and Metaverse market. We bring together gamers, partners, investors, and developers under one digital roof, providing the tools for all to grow within the industry. We are pleased to announce the debut of our launchpad, marking another step towards achieving this vision.

Our new launchpad will benefit Web3 entrepreneurs and partners by providing a 6-figure audience for them to showcase their projects. Whether it be a Metaverse, a game, a protocol, or a meme coin, you can join us to boost growth.

Our launchpad helps provide capital for growing projects to further development. UpOnly can also offer advice and marketing assistance to projects partnered with us using our launchpad.

For investors, the ICOs provide a fantastic opportunity to research and acquire tokens at a discount from the most promising up-and-comers in the Web3 market. UpOnly will conduct a thorough screening process so you can be sure that all coins offered are of good quality and intend to deliver on their promises. Here’s a guide for both project owners and investors.

Launchpad for projects

  • The UpOnly launchpad offers project owners, founders, or CEOs multiple perks.
  • Firstly, once signed up, projects can establish a webpage, and load up details and statistics such as a whitepaper, project description, and any other documents important to potential investors
  • Critically, project founders and CEOs can organize ICOs and private token offerings.
  • Our ICO service is unique as it is the first of its kind to put the hosting in the hands of the project owners.
  • As an owner, you can partner with UpOnly, create a webpage on our site and issue a token offering from your webpage.
  • Owners must provide all details, including the date, time, and price of the ICO, plus external links, for investors to conduct their research.
  • Once created, UpOnly will be notified and will screen your token offering request.
  • The screening includes thorough vetting to guarantee the project is legitimate and the coin is fit for sale to the UpOnly audience.
  • Once screening is complete, the ICO will go live with our user base.

Launchpad ICOs for investors

  • To be eligible to purchase any coin on an ICO, investors must hold $2,500 worth of UPO.
  • Investors must also hold a major stablecoin, as most ICOs require them.
  • The ICOs will begin next month, in March 2023. Keep an eye out on all UpOnly socials for announcements on which projects will offer great deals on freshly minted coins.
  • Our launchpad will go multichain in April, opening investors up to dozens of new projects from some of the most promising blockchains in Web3.
  • Launchpad allocations are guaranteed for $UPO holders.

UpOnly aims to unite all branches and communities in Web3 into one ecosystem. Investors can find projects, developers can find community members, and gamers can discover the latest games and Metaverse environments. The launchpad will provide value to all three demographics. UpOnly is proud to be part of the progress in the Web3 world.




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