New Features Reach Final Phase of Development

2 min readFeb 16, 2023

Gacha and ICO services undergo quality assurance testing

UpOnly is on the way to becoming a one-stop shop in the GameFi and Metaverse market. By leveraging the latest AI innovations, we stay ahead of the curve and provide pioneering products for gamers and investors worldwide. We also aid developers in growing their community and spreading their message to the pool of players who regularly visit UpOnly.

The two services in highlight his week will help everyone in our audience. The ICO and Gacha services have entered the final development phase and will provide immense value to our community.

The ICO service will benefit promising projects by providing a platform for them to sell tokens in exclusive private presales to an audience primarily made up of GameFi and Metaverse enthusiasts. ICOs provide capital for developers to grow and build their platforms while granting investors access to great new projects at discount rates. This gives our users access to bargains on partnering projects.

The plan is for $UPO to become the platform’s medium of transactions and interactions. Whether it is investing in ICOs, buying digital assets from partnering projects, or simply leveraging our data directory for investment purposes, $UPO will be at the heart of everything.

For this, we want to create Gacha loot crates that users can buy either directly with $UPO or receive as a loyalty bonus for spending $UPO for other transactions. Our Gacha loot crates will give UpOnly users digital assets and crypto from UpOnly or partnering projects as a reward for using our service regularly.

Both services have now entered quality assurance (QA) testing. QA testing is the process of ensuring that a service meets specified quality standards. It involves systematically testing and evaluating the service to identify and address any defects or shortcomings.

Quality assurance testing is an essential part of the software development life cycle, and it helps to ensure that the final product is reliable, efficient, and meets the needs and expectations of its users. We’re delighted with our progress on both services and look forward to launching them for the UpOnly community.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.


- Refactor Gacha service.

- Implement investor tracking.

- Implement marketplace service.

- Implement multichain switching.


- Implement marketplace service.

- Support gacha service.

- Support multichain switching.

- Support investor tracking.

Smart Contract

- Research gas fee for transferring items.

- Refactor marketplace service.

- Support Gacha service.

- Audit ICO and staking service.


- Create a manual test for the Gacha service.

- Create an automated test for ICO service.




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