Multichain Expansion in the Works This Week

2 min readApr 27, 2023


Millions of users can soon seamlessly access innovative UpOnly services

UpOnly is a burgeoning data and analytics platform for the play-to-earn and Metaverse industries. UpOnly has continued to build and address critical needs in the emerging blockchain gaming market.

This week presents the team with another opportunity to progress in the right direction, building features that drive adoption while increasing the utility of the $UPO token. The bulk of our development tasks this week will be centered around our multichain expansion plans.

Offering our services on as many blockchains as possible is one way we intend to expand our community and boost the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming. Therefore, our development teams are working to create a multichain interface for users to access our innovative solutions across every blockchain network.

UpOnly is already enabling blockchain gamers and investors worldwide to maximize their profits using actionable data from the platform. Making UpOnly accessible to users on multiple networks will help gamers and investors to join our ecosystem seamlessly.

With this multichain feature, we will soon have users from every part of the Web3 ecosystem to interact with our services and boost their earning capacity. Tapping into this massive audience will expand our community and unlock new utility for the $UPO token since it underpins every activity on the platform.

Our initial multichain expansion plans will be focused on the BNB Chain and Dogechain networks. We plan to enable access to the UpOnly ecosystem to several other blockchain networks in the future.

We are expanding our platform to become a one-stop shop for Web3 gamers and investors. With the fast-paced growth of the blockchain gaming market, we are confident that UpOnly will become an invaluable platform for the industry. There are so many features in the pipeline that our community can look forward to. Be sure to keep up to date with the developments on these exciting features through our website and social media platforms.

UPO Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Implement voting system v2.

- Support workflow listing for projects from CMC.

- Support workflow for the Marketplace project.

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.


- Implement Marketplace service.

- Implement notification feature.

- Implement multichain switching.

- Implement pagination for listing projects.

- Refactor form for claiming project.


- Support multichain switching.

- Refactor API requirement project data from Google, etc.

- Support notification feature.

- Support Marketplace service.

- Support claim project feature.

Smart contract

- Upgrade voting system v2.


- Re-test claim as the project owner.

- Create manual tests for listing projects from CMC.

- Create automated tests for the investor tracking service.




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