Marketplace and Multi-Chain Integrations Prioritized This Week

2 min readJul 1, 2023

UpOnly connecting audiences and blockchains to drive increased activity

UpOnly is at the intersection of Web3 gaming and the Metaverse markets, giving players and investors the necessary tools to make informed decisions. The need for a one-stop Web3 gaming hub becomes more pressing as the industry matures. UpOnly is stepping up to fill this void.

We have made significant progress with the planned release of our marketplace service. Our developers are entering the final stages of frontend and backend implementation for the highly anticipated product, which would create additional income opportunities for the UpOnly community. Further, smart contract development and manual testing of already-developed components remain well underway.

As a recap, the UpOnly Marketplace will provide a single platform where Web3 gamers can list and sell exclusive inventory from the myriads of games they enjoy. Players will earn loyalty points and rewards for their purchases alongside other utilities tied to UpOnly’s $UPO token. This one-stop marketplace, the first of its kind in the blockchain gaming world, would also unify players across the ecosystem and allow Web3 gaming developers to get exposure to a broad audience of gamers.

Meanwhile, UpOnly remains firmly committed to introducing multi-chain functionality to its cutting-edge platform. We are pleased to report remarkable progress with developing core functionalities for the multi-chain integration, namely, asset transfers, transaction execution, user interfaces, and relevant APIs.

Now entering its final phase, our team is developing the last smart contracts for supported blockchains. Our community can rest assured that UpOnly implements the highest safety standards for code development and embraces periodic reviews geared towards shipping resilient, robust, and secure applications.

At UpOnly, we are passionate about leveling the playing field for Web3 gamers and investors. Our upcoming marketplace and multi-chain integrations further this mission and underline our commitment to shaping the future of Web3.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Support workflow for the marketplace project.

- Support workflow multichain switching interface.

- Design workflow for the open API on gachapon service.


- Refactor global component.

- Implement marketplace service.

- Implement multichain switching.


- Support marketplace service.

- Support multichain switching.

- Implement the open API on gachapon service.

Smart Contract

- Support marketplace service.

- Support multichain switching.

- Implement the open API contract on gachapon service.


- Manual test marketplace.

- Test multichain switching.




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