Introducing the UpOnly Launchpad

3 min readApr 19, 2023


Our new crowdfunding platform for Web3 offers access to exclusive token presales

UpOnly is building a one-stop shop for the Web3 market, uniting all branches of the industry under one decentralized platform. We’re pleased to announce that another major milestone is complete and ready. UpOnly will debut its launchpad today.

UpOnly’s new launchpad allows companies to raise funds through blockchain-based crowdfunding. Investors across the globe can purchase tokens via cryptocurrency from promising Web3 projects displayed on the UpOnly website.

Our launchpad is easy to navigate, secure, and free to sign up to. It offers UpOnly users diverse opportunities within the industry, covering various branches such as Metaverse, Web3 games, DeFi protocols, and meme coins.

Launchpads provide a unique chance for investors to get in on the ground with Web3 up-and-comers and avail of great early bird discounts through exclusive token presales. UpOnly users have an excellent opportunity to benefit from the project’s success as it grows in popularity and, in turn, value.

For project developers, launchpads raise capital without going through traditional funding channels, like venture capital or angel investors. The funding can be especially beneficial for early-stage projects. They can showcase their innovative Web3 platform to UpOnly’s six-figure target audience.

As for Web3 gamers, you can explore new and exciting blockchain games and acquire digital assets and important in-game commodities at great prices. Want to get in on this tremendous opportunity? Here are the steps for project owners and investors to avail of our new launchpad service.

Project Developers

  1. List your project on the UpOnly system. If your project is already listed on UpOnly, proceed to step 2.
  2. Make sure to have $2500 worth of $UPO in your UPO wallet. This same amount must be held at the time of participation and throughout the vesting period.
  3. Create your launchpad with the proposed time and date.
  4. After a successful launchpad creation, there will be a systematic approval process, vetting, verifying, and confirming the token sale.
  5. Once approved, the owner launchpad will appear on the launchpad and owner launchpad list pages.
  6. The owner, at the specified time, will swap the stablecoin of their choice for tokens at the rate previously established.
  7. Finally, the tokens will be distributed automatically to all investors via secure smart contracts.
  8. If the launch does not go as planned, the funds will be returned to investors.


  1. Log onto UpOnly (all launchpad participants must be a member of UpOnly, free sign-up).
  2. Make sure to have $2500 worth of $UPO in your UPO wallet. This same amount must be held at the time of participation and throughout the vesting period.
  3. Secure the minimum quantity of a particular stablecoin according to the terms and conditions of the launch you wish to participate in.
  4. Users can choose to invest and buy tokens on the launchpad page on the ICO page. Invest via the launchpad or ICO page using the Join Sale button.
  5. Purchase tokens and view them on the My ICO Allocations page.
  6. After a user has successfully purchased a token, they can view their tokens on the “My ICO Allocations Page”.
  7. Claim and withdraw tokens via the My ICO Allocations page by clicking the claim button.

The team has undergone months of rigorous testing, smart contract research and implementation, and thorough vetting of projects. We are proud of the work done and excited to launch a premium decentralized service that benefits all members of the Web3 community.

UpOnly strives to create a unified ecosystem that brings together all branches and communities within Web3. Investors can easily discover promising projects, developers can connect with community members, and gamers can explore the latest games and Metaverse environments.

The launchpad provided by UpOnly is designed to deliver value to all three demographics. As a proud contributor to the progress of the Web3 world, UpOnly aims to foster collaboration and inclusivity among all stakeholders in the Web3 space. Join us on UpOnly to gain access to lucrative web3 opportunities.




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