Instant Notifications on Price Changes, Asset Drops, and More

2 min readApr 4


UpOnly’s new notification service allows users to get notifications on partnering projects

UpOnly is building a one-stop shop for the play-to-earn and Metaverse market. This week we want to tell you about our new notification service that has been in the pipeline for a few weeks.

Before that, here is a quick update on our CoinMarketCap and Investor Tracking services. Both are in late-stage quality assurance testing. The team is evaluating the code to ensure it meets the specified quality standards, functional requirements, and user expectations. For more info on these services, see our previous development updates by clicking the hyperlinks above.

Now, onto the new service. UpOnly is launching a new Notification Service where users can set notifications and alarms when parameters change for selected projects.

Users first select the projects they wish to receive notifications. Then they can get alerted when there is an ICO, a new digital asset drop, a press release, or a change in token supply or trading volume for the chosen projects. They can also get notified of various events, such as price movement, where the user can set the price they wish to buy or sell and instantly find out when it hits that price.

The new service helps investors stay ahead of the curve for projects they are interested in while allowing them to strike while the iron is hot on their investments. It also assists developers by allowing them an avenue to keep both players and investors informed in real time about all new developments and changes within their ecosystem.

Our ultimate goal is to build a bridge via the blockchain between gamers, developers, and investors. We aim to reinforce that bridge every week with novel innovations and features, making the connection as smooth and seamless as possible. The notification services provide quick communication between all parties, improving efficiency and utility.

UPO Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Design workflow listing for projects from CMC.

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.

- Support workflow for marketplace projects.

- Support workflow for converting ICO projects to listing projects.


- Implement Marketplace service.

- Implement Notification feature.

- Implement multichain switching.

- Implement the Claim Project feature.

- Support investor tracking.

- Support Gacha service.


- Implement Marketplace service.

- Refactor multichain switching.

- Support Notification feature.

- Support APIs to get project data from CoinMarketCap.

- Support investor tracking.

- Support Claim Project feature.

Smart Contract

- Improve deployment contract.

- Improve unit test method.


- Create manual test for listing projects from CMC.

- Create automated test for investor tracking service.




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