ICO Service Hits Final Stage of Development

2 min readJan 11


Plus updates on several services in the pipeline

UpOnly is building a one-stop shop for the play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse industries. Through our sophisticated data directory and tournament service feature, our platform can help investors and gamers maximize returns while also assisting developers in building growing Web3 communities.

The final stretch of 2022 was a period of immense growth for UpOnly behind the scenes. After months of development, we are now gearing up to release multiple new services, and one service close to completion is our ICO service.

This service will provide developers with a crowd-funding option, raising capital to turn their innovative concepts into a reality. It also offers our community members access to tokens from multiple promising projects at discounted prices, enabling them to spot up-and-comers and make a substantial return on their investments.

The service is in the quality assurance phase of development — one of the last and most important phases. Complimentary to the ICO service will be two new features debuting on our platform shortly; an investment management service and an investor points system.

The investment management service will allow project developers and executives to communicate with their investors and keep them informed about updates and developments. The investor points system will allow users to earn rewards for investing and help projects attract investors and secure funding.

Our objectives below show what is to come on the UpOnly platform. We have five new services in the works benefitting every demographic in our community. The team is currently researching and implementing brand-new AI integrations to supercharge investor tools on our website. Stay tuned as we provide updates and information as they happen.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives


- Refactor ICO service.

- Refactor Gacha service.

- Refactor blog service.

- Refactor smart contract connection.

- Implement stable coin management in the admin panel.

- Implement investor tracking.

- Implement marketplace service.


- Refactor the whole system.

- Support blog service.

- Support investor tracking.

- Implement marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Integrate Balance vault V2 with another service.

- Create Gacha documentation.

- Support blog service.

- Support ICO service.


- Create manual test for ICO service.

- Create automated test for ICO service.


- Design workflow for the marketplace.




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