Huge Backend Updates for New Services

2 min readDec 14, 2022


Team provides dates for completion

UpOnly is building a one-stop shop for the play-to-earn, move-to-earn, and Metaverse industries. As part of our mission, we are introducing a host of services to increase utility and profitability for investors, gamers, and developers.

We have big news on three of our new services this week. The following updates refer to software development and the development progress of each service. Our staking service will be the first to be fully coded, tested, and documented. All backend development is set to be completed by the 15th of December.

As for our blog service, coding is still in progress, but the team estimates full completion of backend software development by the 23rd of December. A similar date for our upcoming ICO service has been set for the completion of coding.

Our new features are unique pieces of the puzzle that will propel our platform forward. They come together to create a hub for all those in the GameFi and Metaverse industries. The services provide more earning methods for users and more resources for developers. UpOnly is the intersection where both groups meet and discover new projects and Web3 opportunities.


- Create document staking service.

- Implement blog service.

- Refactor Gacha service.

- Implement marketplace service.

- Implement investor tracking.


- Support investor tracking.

- Support blog service.

- Support marketplace service.

Smart Contract

- Refactor Gacha and marketplace service for the Balance Vault V2.

- Deploy and support blog service.

- Deploy and support ICO service.

- Support staking service (Polygon, BNB).




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