First Ever Live GameFi Esports Tournament in Istanbul

UpOnly Research #32 How esports will help foster GameFi

Play-to-earn Esports coming to Istanbul

The first-ever live tournament for Web3 esports will take place during Istanbul Blockchain Week on the 17th of November this year at the ESA Esports Arena. The game of choice for the event is, a futuristic first-person shooter on the Solana blockchain. The event is packed with all things GameFi including game showcases, announcements from developers, and demo testing.

How esports can drive GameFi adoption

The esports market is worth nearly $1.4 billion, a nearly 40% growth spike in just two years. It does not seem to slow down either, with estimated projections for 2025 of over $1.85billion.

Esports and GameFi — a match made in heaven

GameFi can bring marked improvements to the existing esports model. Blockchain-based games can use NFT/token sales to raise funds for events. Players are paid in tokens and fans are rewarded for engaging in specific events. Play-to-earn platform Nakamoto Games has executed a number of such online events employing this model.

Esports will grow GameFi community

Esports in GameFi has already begun on a small scale in the top games in the industry. The first live event is a pivotal milestone and there is no doubt we will see more like this. The qualities of GameFi complement esports and there is a host of innovations that can be made in order to improve the existing model. Finally, the market is set to expand in the next few years and esports will facilitate GameFi adoption by creating strong communities around the industry’s top titles.

UpOnly ahead of the curve

UpOnly has recognized the importance of spectatorship and competitive gaming in play-to-earn. We offer all our partners who list on the UpOnly website the chance to host tournaments on our platform. Tournaments are fun for the fanbase, a great way for people to meet, and increase overall community engagement. We have already hosted a number of exciting events on our site to the satisfaction of the GameFi community.

UpOnly’s week in review

About UpOnly

UpOnly is an industry-leading web3 service that fills an unmet need in the market. The site features a sophisticated GameFi and Metaverse data directory. Users can leverage on-sie statistics to make educated gaming decisions and investments, helping them to maximize their GameFi profits. On top of this, the platform has expanded to include an ICO, a tournament hosting service, and an upcoming predictions platform. We aim to combine all these elements to become a one-stop shop for blockchain gamers globally.



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