Are 40% of Web3 Gaming Accounts Bots?

The battle against AI Gaming bots

Gaming bots refer to the use of AI-based software to play a game. Game developers typically create AI bots to allow players to compete in player vs. environment (PvE) modes.

Study finds 60% of Web3 gaming accounts are human

The economic incentives associated with blockchain-based games make it unsurprising that botting has trickled into the industry. Recent data shared by anti-bot protection startup Jiggy reveals that the majority of Web3 gaming accounts are human (60%), but the percentage of bots is concerning (40%).

Can blockchain solve the botting issue in games?

Most gaming studios are implementing counter-algorithms to detect bot usage. This approach has been successful. Yet, game developers could improve bot detection by relying on blockchain’s inherent transparency, as evident by the Jiggy report.

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UpOnly’s week in review

About UpOnly

UpOnly is a first-of-kind data directory that provides insightful and actionable data on the move-to-earn, play-to-earn, and Metaverse gaming fields. We aim to become a one-stop shop for gamers worldwide to identify the most lucrative play-to-earn opportunities and optimize their performance. Alongside our data directory, we will launch a decentralized prediction platform allowing anyone globally to bet on the outcome of play-to-earn and Metaverse gaming events.



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