A Trio of Trailblazing Web3 Services Poised to Boost User-Value and Platform Adoption

3 min readMay 23, 2023


UpOnly eyes Marketplace Service, Blog Service, and Watch-to-Earn this week

It’s another week of progress for UpOnly. We are unveiling a trio of exciting updates bound to revolutionize our platform. Each service is meticulously crafted to supercharge your financial gains and empower our community with cutting-edge Web3 innovations. Let’s jump straight in.

The UpOnly Marketplace Service is on the verge of release, revolutionizing the landscape of digital asset trading. By enabling project developers to host their native marketplaces on UpOnly, we are building bridges between Web3 communities.

To add more utility to UpOnly users, every purchase made on the platform will earn you valuable loyalty points. These loyalty points can be redeemed for free items or discounts on future purchases.

This groundbreaking initiative creates a win-win scenario. It offers projects broad exposure while allowing players to access exclusive in-game items in one centralized hub. All this while simultaneously enhancing the utility of our native token, $UPO.

Our Write to Earn — Blog Service is fully finished. The team is currently quality-checking before the official launch. Our dedicated marketing team is hard at work crafting a video infographic to accompany its debut. The video will educate our community about the immense potential of the service.

Write-to-Earn enables our users to become freelance writers. Any UpOnly user can sell their content or receive community donations in $UPO. Write-to-Earn will revolutionize content creation and provide a platform for writers to monetize their writing skills in a decentralized manner.

Last but not least, our Watch-to-Earn Service is taking center stage this weekend. Our close partner, Nakamoto Games, was hosting an exciting Brawler Master tournament. The UpOnly community had the opportunity to watch the action unfold, all while leveraging the $UPO token to place predictions on the outcome of a selection of matches.

UpOnly users can kick back and enjoy the spectacle of Web3 gaming, with the added excitement of putting your cryptocurrency on the line and cheering on your chosen champions. Make sure to tune in this weekend on UpOnly for a weekend of action-packed competition.

All three services combine to epitomize what UpOnly is all about. We provide every member of the Web3 community with value and encourage people from different walks of life to embrace the blockchain. Whether you are a gamer, an investor, a spectator, or a content creator, UpOnly’s range of services ensures that there is something for everyone.

UPO Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Support workflow for marketplace projects.

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.

- Support workflow listing for projects from CoinMarketCap.


- Refactor form for claiming projects.

- Implement a user-friendly interface for blog service.

- Implement watch-to-earn service for the upcoming tournament.


- Research and implement a blog service reward system.

- Refactor API requirements for project data from Google.

Smart Contract

- Upgrade voting system v2.


- Create automated test for investor tracking service.

- Create manual test for listing projects from CoinMarketCap.




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