A Range of Great Services Integrated into Launchpad

2 min readMar 3, 2023


Investor tracking, ICO service, and Gacha service will all be part of the UpOnly Web3 launchpad

It’s been an exciting week for UpOnly. We just announced a launchpad aimed at benefiting Web3 entrepreneurs and investors. The Launchpad offers developers a large audience for showcasing blockchain projects, including Metaverses, games, protocols, and AI startups.

UpOnly will provide projects with a platform to launch their native token, advice, and marketing assistance. Thanks to a thorough screening process, investors can acquire tokens through ICOs at private sales from the most promising blockchain projects on the market.

The team has been brainstorming ideas over the last two weeks and has decided our investor tracking and Gacha service would be perfect features to accompany the launchpad. These features will debut down the line as complementary to the launchpad. Here’s how they will fit into the model.

Investor tracking enables project teams to efficiently monitor and communicate with investors, keeping them updated with the latest developments. It also allows them to keep a log of token holder statistics — for example, how many holders, what % of token supply each investor owns, what demographic is buying their coin, etc.

This can help with financial planning, marketing, and tokenomics structuring. This service will be available to projects that sign up to be a part of our launchpad.

The Gacha Service will reward UpOnly users based on how much they invest. Users will earn tickets which can be used to open Gacha crates. These crates will contain randomized rewards of variable value, mostly digital assets from UPO and partnering projects. It is important to note that this won’t be the only way Gacha crates will be used on our platform. We have more surprises in store, so stay tuned.

These features benefit project developers and investors, creating a win-win on the UpOnly platform. Our ultimate goal is to create a one-stop shop in the GameFi and Metaverse industry. A place where users can invest, promote, discover, and above all, grow the industry as a community of Web3 enthusiasts.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Design workflow for multichain switching interface.

- Design workflow for claim project.

- Improve workflow for the marketplace project.


- Refactor Gacha service.

- Refactor investor tracking.

- Implement Marketplace service.

- Implement multichain switching.


- Implement Marketplace service.

- Implement claim project feature.

- Support Gacha service.

- Support multichain switching.

- Support investor tracking.

Smart Contract

- Improve deployment contract.

- Support Marketplace service.

- Support Gacha service.

- Audit ICO and staking service.


- Create a Manual test for the Gacha service.

- Create an automated test for the Gacha service.




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