A New Way to Buy and Sell Digital Assets

3 min readMar 19, 2023


UpOnly Community can soon buy digital assets seamlessly with upcoming marketplace service

UpOnly is fast becoming an all-encompassing Web3 hub for the play-to-earn and Metaverse market. The industry’s first dedicated data directory for blockchain games is continually expanding its service offering to onboard more players, developers, and investors.

We’re committed to providing innovative services that solve pressing industry problems and offer optimal earning potential. In line with that vision, our marketplace service is a key development objective for the new week.

The soon-to-be-released marketplace service opens up a new world of lucrative earning opportunities for project developers, investors, and UPO holders. For project developers, this service allows them to host the native marketplace of their project on the UpOnly website. This exposes the projects to a broader audience of Web3 users, accelerating their growth and revenue.

For investors, the marketplace service provides seamless access to a plethora of digital assets from different projects. What’s more, investors can earn loyalty points each time they purchase on the marketplace. They can either cash in these points for discounts on future purchases or redeem them for free items on the platform.

The best part is that investors do not need to buy the native token of each project to buy their digital assets. And here’s where UPO holders benefit too. Every transaction on the marketplace will be made using the $UPO token. This boosts the diversity and use cases of the token, increasing the value for holders.

To achieve the vision of becoming a one-stop shop for the GameFi and Metaverse market, UpOnly will have to be accessible to users from multiple blockchain networks. Thus, this week, we will also fast-track our multichain expansion plans. Our development team will implement both the frontend and backend multichain switching features. This will make accessing services on our platform easier for users on different chains and vice versa.

UpOnly is firmly on track to becoming a GameFi and Metaverse industry leader. We remain committed to providing pioneering products that enhance the experience for gamers and investors worldwide. We are eager to release these innovative features to build our ecosystem as we grow alongside the rapidly expanding industry.

UpOnly Sprint Objectives

System Analyst

- Design workflow for Marketplace project.

- Design workflow for multi-chain switching interface.

- Design workflow for converting an ICO project to a Listing project.


- Implement Marketplace service.

- Implement multi-chain switching.

- Implement claim project feature.

- Support investor tracking.

- Support Gacha service.


- Implement API to get project data from CoinMarketCap.

- Implement Marketplace service.

- Implement claim project feature.

- Support Gacha service.

- Support multi-chain switching.

- Support investor tracking

Smart Contract

- Improve deployment contract.

- Improve Unit Test method.

- Support Marketplace service.

- Support Gacha service.


- Create a manual test for investor tracking service.

- Create an automated test for investor tracking service.




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